Wednesday, January 7, 2009


"The Ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of its participants"
 - Gichin Funakoshi, Okinawa, Japan

Be like water in your training in karate, kobudo and self-defense
At Arizona School of Traditional Karate, also known as the Arizona Hombu Dojo in Mesa-Gilbert, we teach traditional martial arts for adults and families.  We teach it as a weapon, not a sport - so if you are interested in competition and trophies, we recommend you find another martial arts school.

Feel free to visit our karate school in the east valley at 60 W. Baseline Road and watch a class as it is very important to know if this is the right school for you.  We hope it is, but not all people are the same and some people are looking for other types of martial arts. But let us tell you about us.

Our head instructor taught martial arts at the University of Wyoming for more than 30 years in club sports, the Department of Continuing Education, Department of Physical Education, Department of Kinesiology as well as many short courses and clinics to the Air Force ROTC, Institute of Religion, Sororities, women's groups and the UW faculty and student body. You might find someone in Arizona with more experience in martial arts than our head instructor, Soke Hausel, but we would be surprised. We also have other capable instructors with considerable experience. If we are not a good fit for you and your family, we recommend you check some other sites such as Arizona Dojos so that you can get some idea on how to find a good school. One has to be careful as there are many McDojos out there that are only after your money, but there are also many other schools that are legitimate that will give you a good martial arts education.

Traditional arts are about the individual &amp their development. We believe it is important to focus on development of families to build self-confidence. Thus the only competition in our dojo is with oneself. Our students are judged by how they progress individually.

When you & your child walk into the Arizona Hombu dojo (school of traditional martial arts), we will greet you as friends.

You, your wife and your child will learn the traditions of Okinawan karate - how to bow, when to bow, when to talk, how to address instructors, etc. 

We teach karate not games. So you and your child will learn karate. You will learn to kick, block, punch & kata (forms) and much more. Kumite (sparring) is not part of the family training and we restrict the jujutsu techniques. After 5 decades of training & 4 decades of teaching, our Soke (grandmaster) found kumite was over-used in nearly all schools & resulted in lack of focus & power. Your child is developing mentally & physically: it is our goal to be sure that they benefit from karate.

Self-esteem is one of the many benefits of traditional karate. I am reminded of a few students from the past: one in particular - a woman who had no self-confidence & little self-esteem. She would only look at her feet & never into another's eyes. By time she moved from our dojo, she would look anyone in the eye & all of the students had great respect for her. She had earned a sandan (3rd degree black belt) in Okinawan karate, sensei (instructor's license), & yudansha (black belts) in two of our Japanese arts. This is what proper training can do.

Prior to the age of 10, we feel most children should not take martial arts as there are possibilities of physical damage and a lack of maturity. So we only accept kids and parents who are mature.
Utah Gassuku in East Canyon. This event is held each year in August and
attended by martial artists from our affiliate schools in Arizona, Colorado,
Utah and Wyoming.

Karate training is about the person - the whole person. We emphasize karate is never used against anyone except in self-defense. If all kids were trained in traditional martial arts, we would have a better society.

After traditional karate training, your kids will turn into 'tigers'. The more your kids train, the more they will advance. Your kids need to learn to be self-confident.  

Call 480-294-1001 for additional information. Our instructors are professional martial artists - we are not salesmen and we will welcome you to our dojo without selling contracts. We also display of our certifications. Every parent should be concerned that their instructor is properly certified & certified by a legitimate martial arts association. Many are not.

Grandmaster Hausel taught martial arts at Arizona State University, the University of New Mexico, University of Utah & University of Wyoming as well as at several private schools. He has been inducted into several Halls of Fame for teaching karate and kobudo & abilities as well as for being a pioneer in Okinawan Karate.  He is also a member of other Halls of Fame for his other profession - geology.

Our training center is open to the public - we focus on Adults and Families. Come learn the traditions of Okinawan Karate & Kobudo. Much of the class is conducted in both Japanese and English to help students learn Japanese. We also teach meditation, philosophy and martial arts history interjected in karate class.


How young can kids be to train in martial arts? It depends on the child and
their mental focus. Few kids can start as young as 8 years old, as most do
not have the maturity to focus. But there are exceptions. In our classes, we
have decided to restrict the age to 10 and over.

Students from our Gillette, Wyoming dojo with Shihan-Dai Kyle Gewecke